Water Damage/Liquid Damage

Have you recently dropped or exposed your mobile phone to water or liquid?? Do not panic because there is a high chance that your phone is still repairable! Water and liquid damage is one of our most common repairs at iLab and we have a very high success rate in recovering liquid damaged devices. Liquid Damage usually takes 1-3 business days to repair but our technicians should be able to provide a rough idea of the time frame

Please use the following steps to ensure your device is prepared for water damage treatment:

  1.  Switch off your device and remove the battery (if it is an iPhone or a device where the battery is not removal, just ensure the device is powered off).
  2. Place your device in a sealed bag of dry uncooked rice (the rice will absorb any moisture that is remaining in the device).
  3. Bring the device into iLab and our technicians will give you a rough estimate of the costs involved and do their best to provide the quickest turn around on repairs if the device is repairable.

If your device is not repairable we only charge a $30 opening fee which covers the water damage treatment and the labour when we test the device. If the device is deemed unrepairable we can also include a full damage report for home and content insurance.

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