Laptop/Macbook Screen Repairs

In the past laptop screen replacement was such an expensive repair that many people would have opted to replace their laptop instead of paying ridiculous prices to repair the screen. At iLab we provide our customers with a professional laptop screen repairing service at the most competitive and fair prices available. We do not maximise profit on these repairs as we only charge the appropriate pricing of labour required. Fill in the contact us form below to receive a quote for your screen repair.

Virus Removal

Is your computer/mac running slow? At iLab we charge a fee of $80 for virus removal. We will do our best to get your PC/Mac back up and running as quick as possible. If your computer is still not performing as required we can give you options to upgrade the hardware on your device. Fill in the contact us form below

Data Recovery

Have a busted hard drive? iLab will do their best to recover your data, a fee between $80-$250 will apply to data recovery if we can successfully recover files of your device. Fill in the contact us form below

PC/Mac Formatting

If you want to start from fresh and remove all the files off your computer, we charge a $99 fee. *customer must have a valid Windows License

For any other enquiries please fill out the form below